Bài Giảng Kinh Tế Lượng

Chuong 0_Tong quan

Chuong 1_Nhap mon kinh te luong

Chuong 2_Hoi quy don bien

Chuong 3_Hoi quy da bien

Chuong 4_Bien gia

Chuong 5_Hien tuong da cong tuyen

Chuong 6_Hien tuong phuong sai thay doi

Chuong 7_Hien tuong tu tuong quan

Chuong 8_Chon mo hinh va kiem dinh chon mo hinh


Luan Van Le Hoang Hien

LVTHS – Anh huong cua Tinh cach TH den long trung thanh cua KH

LVTHS – Anh huong cua van hoa cong ty den su cam ket gan bo voi to chuc cua NV

Online_banking adoption

Phan tich du lieu nghien cuu voi SPSS 2008- Hoang Trong – Su dung Custom Tables



The relationship between competitive strategy and product quality


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